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Uniform Power was founded in 2008 and specializes in providing tailor-made uniform services, from one-stop service from uniform design to production. Uniform Power has made three promises: corporate image, fashion design and excellent quality; it integrates corporate image, trend, lifestyle elements and designer’s thoughts for customers, tailor-made to combine fashion and functionality Uniform. We set up our own factory to ensure product quality; the entire team has administrative management and fashion background, fully understanding the requirements of uniforms of various enterprises.

Fashionable and comfortable corporate uniform is most important, and company uniform can show the professionalism of the corporate.

Tailor-made company uniform, sharp and smart uniform can highlight corporate image.  School uniform competitions are set up every year, new concepts of school uniform design are added in the market trend.

Own factory can build up confidence when corporations choose Uniform Power.  Many schools invited Uniform Power to designated school uniform design and customize a series of school uniforms.

Uniform Power has been providing HK enterprises trendy corporate fashion to let their image more distinct and staff more comfort. Seeing the next generation of community while still wearing the outdated and poor comfort school uniforms every day, now is the best time for school uniform transformation.

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Business Development

1991 Self-built factory 1991 Self-built factory
2008 Expand business 2008 Expand business
2011, Popular elements 2011, Popular elements
2012 Incorporate fashion taste 2012 Incorporate fashion taste
2012 Strengthen the level of publicity 2012 Strengthen the level of publicity
2014 brand new image 2014 brand new image
2016  Ideal School Uniform Competition 2016 Ideal School Uniform Competition
2018 New Partners 2018 New Partners
2019 GRWTH and UNIFORM POWER formally become strategic partners 2019 GRWTH and UNIFORM POWER formally become strategic partners

1991 Self-built factory

The production plant was set up in Zhongshan. At that time, the staff was 80 people, mainly supplying Southeast Asian fashion wholesale markets.

2008 Expand business

The uniform production plant has been increased from 80 to 500 people.  Established the brand “Uniform Power” and uniform design and uniform production for a number of well-known Hong Kong companies.

2011, Popular elements

Vigorously developed the uniform power business, introduced uniforms into fashion, and invited TVB artists to shoot the first uniform catalogue. For the first time cooperated with Hong Kong designer Zheng Zhaoliang to provide uniform design and production for The Link Managements Co Ltd.

2012 Incorporate fashion taste

There are more than 200 companies that have served the uniforms.  In addition to the fashion elements, the “fashion taste” is also incorporated into the uniform of the second uniform catalogue.

2012 Strengthen the level of publicity

Uniform Power was invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to invite the famous design Zheng Zhaoliang to shoot “TDC Weekly – to discuss how fashion uniforms enhance corporate and brand image”.


Received the “Extraordinary Corporate Apparel Design Brand Award” from “Capital Talents” and “Capital Enterpreneur” magazine for “Extraordinary Brand Award 2013”.  This award is selected by the acceptability, influence, product quality, point of sale and business continuity of the candidate brands.

2014 brand new image

UNIFORM POWER creates a new image for the brand, and adheres to the consistent professionalism and commitment to fashion, while also injecting a new look and more comprehensive service.

2016 Ideal School Uniform Competition

The first Ideal School Uniform Competition was founded. A platform for ideal school uniforms is set up, the style of school uniforms is re-examined, the school uniforms become fashionable and lifeful.

2018 New Partners

New partners make new material elements into uniform and school uniform, strengthen the quality requirements on fabrics for custom uniform and school uniform quality.

2019 GRWTH and UNIFORM POWER formally become strategic partners

Uniform Power has partnered with GRWTH to become the first school uniform supplier in Hong Kong to sell school uniforms online, breaking the tradition and innovating.

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